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Dog Daycare, Boarding, Training & Bootcamp in Reston, Virginia

Dog U Specializes in Proven, Fast & Effective Methods With No Pain or Physical Punishment

Dog Day Care
Our daycare schedule includes training, daily walks, group playtime, and rest time so you can come home with a dog that has been mentally and physically stimulated all day. Learn More
Boarding School
Fully immersive training for your dog. Learn More
Private Lessons
Private lessons provide a personalized training approach for your dog and owner. Learn More
Travel with the confidence that your dog will be well-cared for. Learn More
Group Lessons
We offer a several differetn levels of small group lessons to focus on training dogs and their owners, while allowing opportunities for dog socialization. Learn More
Located in Reston, VA
Dog University is conveniently located on Rt. 7 near Baron Cameron Ave. in Reston, Virginia. Learn More
In our family, we call James “Uncle James.” Without James in our lives, there is no way we could have a 100 lb. Doberman around our toddler twins. James works so well with Rocky, but more importantly he has given us the tools to work with Rocky at home. I cannot recommend James Oliver and DogU highly enough, they are amazing!
Dawn Faust
I happened to fine James and Dog University when I needed assistance on integrating a puppy into a household with a 12 year old male. He was FANTASTIC, he spent countless hours giving us guidance and walking us through dealing with all of the situations involved in dog ownership. He is always available for questions/concerns/advice and he gives the best personalized service and guides you on what is best for you and your pets. His boarding is the BEST, the dogs are excited to go and have a blast while there, they are always excited to go back. He has meet-ups at Reston Town Center for dogs and their owners to hang out, get advice, socialize pets and relax for 2 hours!! Everything this man/company does is wonderful and we couldn’t be happier that we found James (and Max!).
A. Patton
When a case is tragic and the dog is close to being put down James Oliver comes in and changes lives. This is a great resource for an alternate training facility for rescue cases, military re-con/re-calm, or extreme abused cases. I spoke to James today with his currently trainee, a beautiful German Shepard only to hear “sorry but he doesn’t trust people anymore because of a horrendously abusive past”. Heart breaking to think what some dogs endure and survive.
James has been in our store several times to buy supplies I like the fact that he brought him into our store to be socialized to new spaces, Thank you James, for all that you do.
Michelle Eubinag
Dog University Graduates

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