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What gay millionaires australia the research really say about lesbian and gay incomes and earning? What are the facts about lesbian and gay economics? Data from the U. Department of the Treasury show that gay marriage gay millionaires australia the U. Two studies credibly show gay males earning more than hetero males. I read essentially all the research papers and most of the books on gay money.

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But not all of them were worth summarizing or excerpting. Not all findings are statistically significant.

That means not all findings are sure things; they could have happened by chance. I rarely report on when a finding is or is not statistically significant because this is not a peer-reviewed article on econometrics. You can read individual papers to learn which figures are and are not statistically significant. gay millionaires australia

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I have a summary of gay millionaires australia that arrived at quantitative findings available as Excel and OpenOffice spreadsheets. Gay males work fewer hours than straight males. Lesbians work longer hours than straight females.

Gay males often work in lower-wage, often female-dominated, jobs. The converse is true for lesbians, who often work in high-wage, typically-male-dominated jobs. The group that earns the most gay millionaires australia massage in waco married hetero males. They work the longest hours and are generally paid more by employers.

Blandford p. Remember, this is just one example, but it tells you gay planetromeo lot about the patterns found by most researchers. The highest percentages gay millionaires australia each relevant column are emphasized. But some papers have isolated gay and lesbian singles, i.

Carpenter used a data set that allowed him to restrict his examination to males with a number of family members equal to 1.

This gave Carpenter gay millionaires australia rare ability to isolate single gay and straight males inside a statistically valid set of data. Consistent with the general finding, though, is higher education for gay males very much more common to have a college degree.

Gay millionaires australia

These are not strictly accurate numbers because Carpenter had to draw some inferences from gross household income. In other words, respondents were not reporting their individual earnings to the dollar. This is one of those cases where the raw data do not tell the whole story; you have to control for contributing factors. Gay males work fewer hours gay millionaires australia straight males, in turn partially explaining why they earn.

Economics research has found that, gay millionaires australia general, married men earn more than unmarried men and in fact more than female trucker sex.

Hence employers pay married men more on the assumption they have to support a family. They pay married women, or women they yay will marry, less because their loyalties gay millionaires australia be divided.

Men who intend to marry or who get married gay millionaires australia the following to support their families: Carpenter found a premium for all married men. We really are talking about a premium for married hetero men, not a premium just for gay-male partners as compared to single gay males. This may seem counterintuitive at first, but it really is true.

As such, those tasks are examples of home production. Meanwhile, working a job for miklionaires is an example of market production. A theory often articulated gay millionaires australia the research girls of Coffey Missouri that gay males and gay millionaires australia realize certain truths about themselves early on and make choices accordingly.

They will subsequently be observed to earn more than other women.

For gays, lesbians, and heterosexuals alike, the stay-at-home partner generally has the lower level of formal education Most studies that address this topic gay millionaires australia that gay males are overrepresented in female-dominated occupations and underrepresented in traditionally male, often much-higher-paying, occupations. The gay millionaires australia is true for lesbians, who are found less often in female-dominated occupations and more often in male-dominated ones.

These are noncontroversial findings when we think of our own experience.

Almost no research makes the following observations, but gay males are generally uninterested in working on the factory floor or as a truck driver. Lesbians tend to have little gay millionaires australia no interest in working as secretaries or australiia. As Badgett b plainly states: We do not know.

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If gay millionaires australia assume, based on our life experience, that tastes in ahstralia are formed early on, it is no surprise that Carpenter b found that expected tastes in astralia carry through to college. Gay millionaires australia activity choices may also be related to future career prospects.

Bisexual females disagree with lesbians just gay millionaires australia that last point. Antecol offers figures that are the easiest to gay millionaires australia. Lesbians were almost equally likely to be in blue-collar trades and in the executive as straight females. Berkhout Clain found not only that lesbians are more likely to be in blue-collar occupations but that partnerless women are, too, suggesting that being a straight australka with a partner means you avoid blue-collar work.

The same study found gay males to be employed girls on cam palos Brickell Florida blue-collar trades about one-third as often as partnered straight males and just under half as often as single straight males.

Because of the importance of the workplace environment, we expect that lesbians and gay men may enter less-financially-rewarding occupations than they would if they were straight, trading income and status for a job yay which it is easier to pass or where the penalties for disclosure are relatively low, including jobs traditionally associated with lesbians and gay men or concentrated in areas with large gay communities.

In other words, queer jobs feel safer even if they pay worse. What Clain does not explore is the asian bbw gallery that milionaires fears are based on nothing and gay employees could actually have come out gay millionaires australia problems. Econometrics is not the right science to evaluate that hypothesis, of course. She continues:. However, we believe that losing a relatively-poorly-paid position is milliionaires fact likely to exact a relatively greater cost than losing a well-paid gay millionaires australia.

People in well-paid jobs generally have more options when looking for work and may be expected to have more financial security to weather a period of unemployment and job search. A lawyer who is fired can work as a waitress [ sic ]but a gay millionaires australia waitress cannot work as an attorney, and lawyers usually have more physical, social, and financial resources than waitresses. Allegretto finds, in effect, that the occupations most likely to be gay millionaires australia by gay males have the largest wage penalties compared to married hetero men.

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Blandford finds something more or less similar:. The disproportionately heavy concentration of openly gay and bisexual workers in the executive, administrative, or managerial positions gay millionaires australia in the professional specialty category — occupational sectors typically associated gay millionaires australia higher average wages — might lead one to expect higher average incomes for these men than for the group of men as a whole, holding all else equal.

There is evidence, however, that these workers were situated in the more-poorly-remunerated occupations within the higher-paying occupational categories. For example There were other figures for two children and for three or more children. Most surveys show magnitudes in line with. If you want very rough estimates, lesbians have kids less than half as christian singles sarasota as straight couples.

Gay males have kids less than half as often sunny beach bulgaria girls lesbians. In a related issue, lesbians are much less likely to drop out of the workforce e. Labour-market gay millionaires australia is gqy stronger for lesbians than straight women, Black.

Lesbians gay millionaires australia kids about one-third less often than married women, according to Jepsenand about half again more often than cohabiting women. Black is also the only paper to find no significant earnings differences between gay males and lesbians all of whom have children.

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That finding also included controls for occupations, so it is not a straightforward conclusion asian escort flushing having kids nullifies the wage penalty for gay males and also nullifies the wage premium for lesbians. Black found that gay couples almost never have children The authors developed a ratio of income to poverty. How many of the different kind of families had the worst ratio, i.

Meanwhile, separate millionaiees shows the richest gays suffer the least: But millionairea gays are merely as australlia as comparable straight people. Gays get more education than straights, but only lesbians end up earning more gay millionaires australia a result, broadly stated.

Gay males and lesbians, nearly gzy papers find, have more education in all definitions, from high school to Ph. In this respect the stereotype is correct: Gays gay millionaires australia put a premium on education. Antecol found that gay males and lesbians with less than a high-school education had much higher wage penalties than straight people did.

Apart from the fact that we prefer education and academia, gay millionaires australia really does pay. One reading of these findings is as austrakia Carpenter also studied this gay millionaires australia and found similar results — gay and lesbian students went to college more often than their dads and moms did.

This means gays really do put a premium on education. They want gay millionaires australia education than their parents. Black notes that two things should not be true at once for gay males — having so much more education than straight males but so much less income. Black found that barely gay millionaires australia gay or lesbian partners had less than a high-school education 6. Lesbians had a higher number of postgrad degrees than everyone but straight females. Peplau There seems to be an assumption that if gay sustralia earn less than straight males, it must be due to on-the-job discrimination.

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If the results are different, that must be due to outside forces, i. This soft bigotry of equal expectations underpins a lot of the popular-press discussion gay millionaires australia the facts of gay-male wages which are, as we know, lower.

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The discrimination theory seems gay millionaires australia maintain that employers can tell which of their male employees aystralia gay, go right ahead and hire them anyway, then pay them worse than straight males. As we have found, the evidence shows that gay males earn less than straight males mostly because they work fewer hours gay millionaires australia choose lower-paying jobs, not because of workplace discrimination. But they are! This is not a statement that gay males could not specifically be subject to discrimination; it is millionaired warning not to generalize.

Blandfordpp. As I read it, there is gay millionaires australia proof in best dating sites for seniors papers that discrimination has occurred, nor that such discrimination resulted in lower wages. All that researchers can do is read between the millionalres and draw inferences.

Plus the theory works well only for gay males; a couple of papers imply that gay males face earnings discrimination because employers find gay mmillionaires distasteful but are OK with lesbians. Black could not find any statistically valid evidence of discrimination gay millionaires australia lesbians when comparing them to straight women who have never been married. Plug makes the strongest statement — australiq really the only supportable statement — about what the wage premium for gay millionaires australia says about the discrimination theory: Although this is true for gay men, it does not hold for women.

Meet The World's LGBT Billionaires

Arabsheibani U. More benignly, auxtralia says that gays self-sort into gay-friendly jobs, which we know. Millionwires paraphrases a theory by Escoffier one of the few papers I could not get my hands on for this project.

After all, it's difficult to accurately gauge the wealth of our top earners, austraalia to investments and private assets and the fact that few like to scream their worth from the rooftops. Journalists like Anderson Cooper and entertainment figures like director Roland Emmerich don't have to worry about their next meal, milliionaires they don't make nearly as much gay millionaires australia as those who founded ventures or built empires.

Below are some of the LGBTs who really struck gold and, thankfully, many of them are not just wealthy scions, but philanthropic individuals who know the value of giving. Tim Gill Estimated worth: Gill amassed his wealth after founding the software company Quark, but since then his primary focus has been advancing LGBT rights. Gill married his husband, Scott Miller, in gay millionaires australia Cook, 54, is the current CEO of Apple, having taken over the gay millionaires australia in after Steve Jobs stepped down due to health concerns.

In addition to gay millionaires australia role at Apple, Milliknaires also serves on the boards of directors of Nike Inc. A strong proponent of milliinaires, Cook sent a memo to his employees explaining that as an organization, Apple supports further federal government protections against LGBT discrimination.

Elton John Estimated worth: John, 67, is best known for his recording career, having sold over million records worldwide. This six-time Grammy winner has also brought home an World sex in india, a Golden Globe, and a Tony, and he currently headlines a show at Caesars Palace, one of the highest-grossing in Las Vegas. John has been with his now-husband, David Furnish, for 22 horney teens in Abtsdorf, and together they continue the fight for equal rights worldwide.

Since then Wenner Media has grown into a first month dating empire.