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Hot boxed urban dictionary

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Top definition.

The practice of smoking marijuana in an enclosed space e. Hot boxed urban dictionary whole purpose of this event is to celebrate manhood by lighting up joints in a closed car, therefore inhaling more of that pure weed smoke.

Me and Rob went hotboxing in his car, we got faded as fuck.

Gathering into a confined area and smoking marijuana so that the impact and longevity of the smoke increases, resulting in a greater high. The act of smoking marijuana in an enclosed area to which no outside air can enter maximizing boced effect of the marijuana through both first and second hand smoke.

hot boxed urban dictionary

Hot-Boxing unknown. When you sit inside an enclosed place like a car, a small room.

Hot boxed urban dictionary will breathe in the smoke in the air, as well as through whatever your smoking out of. Once you get out of the place into fresh bozedit hits you real hard and you become really high.

Same thing as clam baking. Hot Boxing unknown.

To smoke weed in a small, enclosed space. Usually done in a car or blanket fort.

We'll have to hot box the car. How romantic!

The act of farting in empty elevator to leave a surprise for the people coming in. I love hotboxing the elevator at my jobespecially for difficult co-workers.

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