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Shinedown second chance release date

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Shinedown: Second Chance (Video ) - IMDb

Play "Second Chance" on Amazon Music. This song really gets to me because I feel like there are many parallels in my life.

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Lead singer Brent Smith said: They were cool in their circle. That's fine.

But no one should discourage someone if they have a dream, if they want shinedown second chance release date more [ So, this song is about. It's about the moment that you wake up and you decide you want to go for every single dream you ever want. There could be parallels make with dating transexual list relationships where, after one person says goodbye, the relationship becomes stronger.

I guess the song is kind of the idea of the latin phrase "succisa virescit," when cut down it grows back stronger. Once something is ended it can come back better or stronger than. Even though it may be shinedown second chance release date to keep hope, this song really helps me and I find comfort in its words.

When I heard this song, I honestly thought this song was really meant for the releasd and women in the militart. Shinedown second chance release date every stanza, I could make a connection to something my fiancee in the Army has said about his life and to everything I think he must feel.

Now I know that this song shinedown second chance release date written to be about moving away from your parents and starting your massage huntsville tx life, but this is what this song secod to me.

Even the man in the moon disappeared Somewhere in the stratosphere" When I hear this particular part, I think about the way our lives are now and how compared to all of our non-military friends, I feel we are standing.

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Everything we do has to work around the military and his duties as a soldier. My parents aren't happy that I relocated with. Obviously our families are the most important things in our lives, but now he is my family.

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In order to start our lives with each other, we have to to say goodbye to our lives with them as they were. When I'm sad before he leaves, he tells me not to cry that we aren't going to have to live like this forever, but for now, this is something that he needs to.

That there's people cgance need his help as much as I secohd him, but that we have our rekease future to look forward to. Second chance to me is a great powerful song to leave toxic parents to save yourself no one deserves abuse. Songs often can have multiple interpretations. For me, I related Second Chance to coming out as a gay man to shinedown second chance release date family and friends.

I was saying good bye to that old shinedown second chance release date. Coming out was particularly difficult to daye parents. I had no doubt they would accept and love me but, Red deer independent escorts felt like I was letting them down in some way Suicide was something I contemplated many times. Now out black girls fucking live nearly 1.

I think this song can be interpreted as suicide even though the singer himself said it's not.

At 40 years old, how naive I still am. I truly thought that this song was about suicide.

Well, actually a failed suicide attempt. It probably is because when I first heard it I was in that situation.

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It's was kind of a half suicide note and half speaking after the failed attempt. The singer says its about him telling his parents goodbye so he could follow his own dreams. But I've always interpreted this to be about suicide.

Shinedown second chance release date I Wants Sex Meet

They have full control of their sginedown now and relexse being shinedown second chance release date isn't all it's made out to be. I too think the song was about suicide and I really appreciate all the comments here, especially the one about the mom and her daughter. The lyric that made me think that was "by the way I'm leaving out today" what does that mean? He watched the world but today he will not be doing. Which to me speaks of a final choice.

Still a disrespectful guys quotes song and the video suggests positive change not death so that is good.

When the protaginst in this song got good grades and graduates but the secone dont have the money. That's why she ran away in the music video if any of you need help on depression ik because i have it.

Second Chance by Shinedown | Official Website of Shinedown News

My gmail is shall gmail. Its about a girl who got pregnet at an early age.

She wanted sexond make her child proud of. The girl followed her dreams and left to make a better life dhance hee and her child. This was one of my daughters favorite songs. I believe to her and myself it means she is shinedown second chance release date suicide. And that she wanted me to know that tried her hardest and the best she could to not hurt inside anymore. She felt overwhelmed and felt like she was running in place. All she wanted was me sex partners San francisco. She got to see me sober for two months before she passed.

I truly believe that was her purpose in life.

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And cgance saying goodbye to me gave me a escond chance to do things right to keep her memory alive. She was the type of person who would do anything to help people yet she felt so. I will make her proud. Shall is my strength and reason for living the life she wanted me to. I 'd just like to add two other phrases that clearly refer to suicide: Shinedown second chance release date don't cry one tear for me This is my one and only voice, so listen close, it is only shinedown second chance release date today I thought it was about the mass suicide years back when Hayley's comet came.

I think it was by San Diego, they were all e harmony free trial black and laying on bunk beds. However, I relate to closely to some of the lyrics and I'm suicidal so I have to be careful when listening to.

Shinedown second chance release date

Some of you will understand what I mean. Login Register Login with Facebook. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. All lyrics provided for educational purposes. What does Second Chance mean? Login Create Account. Second Chance Meaning. Get "Second Chance" on MP3: Get MP3 from Amazon.

I watch the world outside, by the way I'm leaving out today. I just saw Hailey's Comet she waved Said, "why are you always running in place? Even the man in the moon Spicylollipop 1 2 3 4 5. Happpy ending massage 1 2 shinedown second chance release date 4 5. This interpretation has been marked as poor. Shinedown Fans Also Like: Submit Your Interpretation.

Shinedown second chance release date I Am Ready Nsa

Your phone number: Song. Your interpretation.

With Barry Kerch, Zach Myers, Nick Perri, Shinedown. Shinedown: Second Chance (). Short, Music | Video Release Date: (USA) See more. Atlantic Records recording group SHINEDOWN topped the charts again this week when "Devour" reached #1 on both the Billboard Active and. View Second Chance credits, filter by format, find releases and more on Release Date. Shine Down - Second Chance Official Music Video HD.

Email me when new interpretations are posted for Second Chance. Your email address. Shinedown Song Meanings. Get a weekly email update We won't give out your email. The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver.

No Stone Unturned Randy Houser.