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What kind of friend is she? Of course, when nothing happened between them, she felt relieved. Next stop would be at how attractive she is. Every single person in the book liked. At least! Almost all the guys, in this book, were in love with her or had a thing for. Why this novel had to be like that?

Not every guy will find you likable or lovely. Or even better, what the author was thinking?

The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me by Slim_Shady

What kind of characters are these? Certainly, not realistic ones. And the girl, was supposed to be a nerd. I don't know, maybe I'm stereotyping here, but the author felt as if she was completely I feel disappointed, if you ask me.

I just sit here, sipping from my class of water thinking my brain is melting and if I'm reeeeally honest, I laugh on my own, looking at the above gif. It's 6: Next, we have the 'I love you' situation. Yeah, they love each other after being childish for 2 weeks knowing each other, 3 weeks at best.

I feel like I shouldn't even point it. It's ridiculous. I don't want to analyse it, it seems obvious to me. It's fucking wrong. Also, she doesn't the bad boy cupid and me read online to swear. I respect. I can't tell you what to do and how to speak, it's none of my business. But Chloe, feels as if it's her duty to stress it's not nice to curse. So, she reminds her friends each time "Language! She wanted him to prove to her that he loves her, by loosing the Championships for.

At first he said, in a few words, to fuck herself not exactly, more like she wouldn't say that if she loved him and I was like, YES!

That brat, is more important than his career? I don't care if she changed her mind, or didn't mean it. I care that she was selfish enough to even think about it. She can't even whisper shit like. Got it? I choose my career over a stupid child. Screw him, the bad boy cupid and me read online even thinking sex women Australia. He pissed me housewives want casual sex Meadow Grove Nebraska at that point.

Do you even know what love is? They weren't even a couple, together, to prove anything! Crazy, crazy, all this shit is crazy!

As for Reece and his father. It didn't make any sense. He said he doesn't want to meet him because he is dead to him, and when he does wife and cock him after years, he talks to him normally.

He calls him dad. No anger at all. And they talked about Chloe. How good she is and shit like. Boyy if all the book wasn't about how good and selfless she was You know what? That's it. Cupif can't talk about it anymore. That's the review.

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The only thing that I'm going to say is that I liked that the characters weren't only Tranny dominas. We had Spain-Mexican character Reece and French characters. I liked. The homour didn't work for me most of the times, but I can see why it did to.

Jul 07, Linh marked it as dnf. You can tell this was written as a fanfic. The premise is intriguing so I will the bad boy cupid and me read online to read at a later time when I am in the mood.

Jan 25, Rach rated it it was ok. There's a lot I have to say about this book, and most of it isn't good. So I suggest that if you're a huge fan of this book, you stop reading my review. Because I can assure you that you'll probably get offended. That being said, let's move on to the review. When I first started into the book, it seemed okay. It looked like a the bad boy cupid and me read online teen fiction book and I assumed it would be cliche.

As I kept reading into it, that's when I sort of regretted it.

[Review] The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me by Hasti Williams –

I couldn't even laugh. It was that cringeworthy.

In the first chapter, you already see Chloe— the main character —sort of onlline in love" with the main hero, Reece. She said that she felt "sparks" even though reax didn't know him before that night. You heard me. I fall in love with you every single day then right after that, she said the typical cliche line of: Like honey that was you drooling over a guy you saw down the hallway and didn't know before twelve hours ago.

That's cpid excuse. I see lots of people down the hallway. I see that creepy boy from class standing in my school hallway. I see that hobo standing in the hallway inside my local Safeway. Well, Wnd guess that's an aisle, but you get my point. The overall plot line the bad boy cupid and me read online to be copied from a multitude of books, from Reece fighting for money to stealing her diary. At one point, Chloe tries to steal her diary back during the night when Reece is sleeping. But I'll get back to the plot line later.

Let's check up on the characters. Ahh, the things that made this book so unbearable. Really, the plot line wasn't too bad. It had a the bad boy cupid and me read online surprises. But then the characters jumped in, and ruined. Let's start off with the main character. Chloe Armel.

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She seemed alright at first, but then came to reveal herself as a whiny little brat. One thing that really pissed me off was that Housewives seeking nsa Neskowin Oregon didn't like swearing, but she uses the word retarded? Excuse me? Out of sparks single for sex the words she could have picked, she uses THAT one?

That is highly offensive, and what made me madder was that Chloe was a pretentious little goody goody who didn't swear yet doesn't have the brains to know that that word is so undignified and hurts a lot of people? Her character turned out to the bad boy cupid and me read online quite boring.

She's a typical Nerd and good girl, yet she never studies. Throughout the whole book, I rarely see her studying yet she somehow manages to get straight A's. I know it's a book and all, but when that happens, it pisses me off.

There's also the fact that she gives love advice, which I really didn't have a problem. Her advice was mediocre, but it wasn't bad. However my problem is, when it comes to her, it's like all that advice jumped out the window and left her brainless.

Seriously, she made me so mad when she demanded that Reece lose the finals to prove his love to. Like honey, NO. Because that was a dick. Even if she revealed that she was only bluffing. Why the hell would you bluff about that? I was quite proud when Reece straight up told her no, then my mood was ruined when she runs off crying. Honey, it's your fault. You can't blame anyone for.

However, my respect for Reece soon died when I saw that he was actually losing in the finals for her and proving his so the bad boy cupid and me read online love. And did I mention that this all tink gay place over a period of weeks? Like no. These kids don't know what love really is. Call me a skeptical if you wish, but falling in love isn't possible in a time period of three weeks.

It simply isn't. My friend had a crush that came and WENT during that time period. I think I should wrap up this review, so let me just do a whole long story short.

Good girl falls for bad boy. There didn't seem to be any twists in this story. All the characters were too boring and too cupiid. It was like flat cardboard cutouts.

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Good girl Nerd. Bad boy cuid. Boy best friend and girl best friend. Bad boy's sidekick. How boring. This book wasn't my cup of tea. The use of the word retard tthe the main character's personality really dampened the story.

Overall, I wouldn't go back to reading it. Jul 22, Sasha seetheworldwithbooks rated it really liked it Shelves: Definitely a very adorable quick read: It's available on Wattpad, so if you have Wattpad account you yhe read it guys, it's so entertaining and one of the best!

Seriously, this story made me laugh few times and made me grin ear to ear! This is definitely good and worth-reading!: And there is the best news! The main character is not a manwhore nor a player so i think there's a bonus onlihe i believe there anv girls out there who tired of those kind of manwhore main characters.

Anyway, the re Definitely a very adorable quick read: Anyway, the reason why i dont give it 5 stars was I the bad boy cupid and me read online, it's like every cool boys have their eyes on our main female character-Chloe. She is interesting and all. I know why guys wanted to marry her and have babies with.

But it's like she is too perfect she doesn't have any minus on herself, granny sex dating Erice made me questioning myself weather she the bad boy cupid and me read online a human being or an angel.

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But its just me. Lots of people don't see it as a big deal.

Sooo what's your waiting for? This is definity worth your time, guys!: Dec 09, Freya rated it really liked it Shelves: Aww onlinf was so cute! And unique: Check out my reading progress updates! I did a little review-thing over there: Review on my blog available first 14th May: Nov 07, Keily Soto Santana rated it it was amazing.

The bad boy cupid and me read online I Seeking Dick

Chloe is a very smart girl. Chloe meets this boy named Reece. Her and Reece have to live next door to each other and they start falling for eachother. It talks about their friends and what they do and the drama that goes on with. The characters in the story have their own drama and the author goes into a little of each person without getting off anx main characters. I like the way ad story just flows.

Read The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me [ 15 ] from the story The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me by Slim_Shady with reads. teenfiction, kony, joseph. I flipped through my. YOU ARE READING. The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me. Teen Fiction. Reece smirked, " Trust me Chloe, the Good Girl always falls for the Bad Boy." Chloe Armel is a. Read The Bad Boy's Girl from the story The Bad Boy's Girl (Now Available as a Paperback and ebook) by JessGirl93 (Blair) with 15,, reads. colestone.

I think the author could have hot lady looking real sex Chibougamau Quebec expanded on what happened in between those two chapters. Other the bad boy cupid and me read online this the author did really good on the whole story.

I knew I was going to like this book because I like to read about thing like. I would recommend this book to someone who likes drama and some what likes romance. May 14, Emalie rated it really liked it Shelves: Uodate July ' I read this book after reading Freya's reviewwhich reminded me the bad boy cupid and me read online I wanted to give this one a try as.

And damn, I'm glad I did, because this was freaking hilarous. I was laughing non-stop, which was a bad thing, because it was deep into the night and I was supposed to sleep, whoops. My bad. The two main characters Chloe and Reece were real fun Uodate July ' The two main characters Chloe and Reece were real fun. They made me laugh a lot and gave me so many feels.

I really liked her, we instantly connected. She was my bbf for the time I read the book. Also she is a secret cupid. She gives anonymous advice. She's actually pretty good at it, except when it comes to her own heart. Reece was swoonworthy Also when I read that his name was Reece, it was totally sold to me. I the bad boy cupid and me read online guys with the name Reece or Reid or any other spelling of those two names. I don't know why.

I guess I'm just weird. Anyway, I loved Reece. He was a bad boy without actually being mean to Chloe or anyone. He was just awesome and super cute, ok?! But he is a cage fighter, so he equals as a bad boy. I loved his circle of friends. My secret favourite of this book: He was fun, super supportive of the relationship between Reece and Chloe.

He's still my favourite. See for yourself: It felt more like pages. Try this, because Pre-Review; I will write a full review later, but for now: This was freaking hilarious, I was laughing nonstop. The funniest book I've read since ages. Reece and Asian date free online were just so perfect for each.

I command you to try it. This are never only 86 pages, felt more like Jul 11, Sherin rated it it was the bad boy cupid and me read online.

Hong massage norcross I have an account and visited Wattpad a few times, I never managed to read a book or story out there - shame, I know!

There are some good books out there I started a few and either the bad boy cupid and me read online because they weren't complete yet, or because I forget to check. But this one, held my interest through and.

And yes, if you know similar reads do recommend: Reese Carter is a bad boy who is also a fighter and rides bike - the best thing, unlike many lead characters who have the bad boy thing going, he isn't a player aka womanizer! I loved that about. You will really want to pull him out of the book and keep cupjd for yourself and away from anyone else!

When these two meet - sparks fly! Their banters were funny and sexy. I enjoyed the story and was waiting to see what happens next - glad I picked the story that was already complete: Want a cheesy, romantic and witty Tne that will take you down the memory line or make you laugh wholeheartedly? Go for this one! You will never regret it. Dec 11, Captain Dem the second rated it really liked it Cuoid It was like Rdad they first met it was so so so awesome the way he trusted her without even know.

He was super badas It was like He reallyno senior women wanting sex chicks in Smithdale Mississippi Cisne fuck buddy milf super badass okay but he was as sweet. Also i really liked that the writer after every chapter was telling us about hers releationship and it was kinda cute.

I really really reallly loved this the bad boy cupid and me read online and the main idea was awesome. May 22, Jenna gad it really liked it.

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I just discovered Wattpad and found this story just scrolling the bad boy cupid and me read online looking at the cover. I'm a sucker for hot guys on the cover so I had to give this one a try. The writer is very cupie and I'm amazed how talented she is.

The story was not perfect and I feel like the writer is like a diamond still rough omline the edges and needs some polishing, but I'm sure given her some years and she will get there for sure.

Now the story; Reese the bad boy, Chloe the good girl they should not like each other, I just discovered Wattpad and found this story just scrolling and looking at the cover.

The Bad Boy, Cupid, & Me by Kylie Bass on Prezi

Now the story; Reese the bad boy, Chloe the good girl they should not like each other, but behind the facade Reese has a soft heart. Chloe and Reese get mix up in some the bad boy cupid and me read online hilarious scenes, the love building is nicely. The characters are easy to like, the story kept my attention. Very nice read. Keep it up Hasti Williams Dec wife wants nsa Bausman, kittypebbles rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jul 24, Nicole rated it it was amazing.

Apr 05, anf rated it did not like it. Horribly cliche. So much conflict unresolved. Pointless characters. Honestly, this isn't worth the read.

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Unless you're looking for a typical story about a so called "bad boy" and a so called "good girl". There are so many problems I woman seeking casual sex Bullville with this story it's not even funny. I'll probably post a full on review later. May 14, Doll rated it really liked it Shelves: This is was adorable, cute, and just a laugh out loud adventure of learning to love.

Chloe changed from the innocent girl to the adult friends in kamloops loving bad boy Reece and I truly loved the relationship. Reece the bad boy cupid and me read online a little annoying at times, but his friends were awesome and the characters were hilarious.

Sep 14, Jing rated it liked it Shelves: Nov 27, Shiela Arevalo rated it it was amazing Shelves: One of my favorite stories on wattpad! An amazing, quick-read and all in book!

How I wish the author will continue to write more stories. Sep 21, Temima rated it it was amazing. May 18, Jannat Bhat rated it really liked it Shelves: This book surprised me in an amazing way!

I hadn't known I would love this book as much as I do when I started it. Enjoyed this book thoroughly from the start to the end. Jan 20, Valerie added it. The bad boy cupid and me read online 27, Jamie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have read this story so many times and it never gets old.

It so cute and I just love it! Nov 15, Madison rated it liked it. The first couple of chapters definitely seemed more polished. Overall it was a cute and definitely a reminder of what it was like in high school having a crush fish oil and men the bad boy.

The guy who must have broken your heart and made you teach yourself who to and not to date? He was just awesome and super cute, ok?! But he is a cage fighter, so he equals as a bad boy.

I loved his circle of friends. My secret favourite of this book: He was fun, super supportive of the bad boy cupid and me read online relationship between Reece and Chloe. One thing though, Goodreads says this has approx. It felt more like pages. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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